#7. Real healing is Spiritual.

It is permanent and removes all doubt and fear.
It is a Realization of the Soul.

What is Spiritual Healing?

In regard to our work, I am often asked, “What makes what you do different?”.

For over thirty years I have attempted to be as scientifically congruent as possible, to utilize the latest cutting-edge technology and to integrate the spiritual awareness and knowledge I have received from my personal practice and most profoundly, pass on the knowledge that has been transmitted to me from my Guru.

Neurofeedback equipment, protocols and science, has the effect of holding a mirror up to our clients own brain and consciousness, and therefore opens up the healing resources within themselves. However there is another factor at work in what I do.

Technology is not what makes what we do different – technology is secondary.

Many clinicians are using Neurofeedback with a high degree of success. Technology is able to give feedback to the individual that is displayed as a translation of the electrical dance (brain waves) of the brain cells. It is extraordinary how through technology one can give the client access to subtle levels of their own being – making them conscious of it. This is why neurofeedback is remarkably successful. Although we use this amazing technology in our work, what makes us different has come from Realization, nothing else. This is THE MOST important factor and is paramount to our results, training and teaching.

But first we have to distinguish two types of ‘healing’:

1. Instinctive/physical. This is aimed primarily at the body, including physiology and subtle energy. There are many ‘healing’ modalities for this and most of us are, of course, very concerned with the health and maintenance of these bodies we (temporarily) inhabit. Of course the mind and emotions are involved but the majority of ‘instinctive’ approaches tend to operate in the realm of ‘duality’ and we must be careful not to overly identify with our bodies and get too fixated on them.

This level of healing is very important and useful, but we are looking beyond that – and this has far reaching implications.

And that is…

2. Spiritual healing. Spiritual healing comes about through the progressively deeper and profound realization of Truth principles and can be cultivated through the following:

1. Heal yourself first by unfolding your higher understanding through dedicated spiritual practice.

2. Learn to look through the appearances: no one is ‘special’ and yet everyone is special. We all have unique personality characteristics, but this is not ‘who’ we really are and no individual is more or less special than anyone else – everyone is Divinity Expressing. These ‘personalities’ are temporary and illusory identities. Therefore we look impartially through the ‘problem and personality’ and look beyond duality: good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, and acknowledge the Truth for ourselves and for those who come to us for healing.

This truth is: there is only one consciousness playing all the roles, manifesting as all that is: Divine Intelligence – omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

The healer/clinicians ‘knowing’ this truth resonates with the deepest level of the clients ‘being’. And no matter if the client recognizes it or not, is aware of it or not, this will bring forth a corresponding resonant response from within the soul of the client. This is an acknowledgement and recognition of Divinity and occurs silently, secretly and sacredly. This is why being in the presence (which is a palpable invisible ‘field’) of a spiritual Master – someone who has realized the truth (one who is Self- and God- Realized), will have a spiritually uplifting and quickening effect.

At first, learning to see people and things this way is an intellectual exercise, a daily practice we undertake. We encounter difficulty training our minds to stop personalizing, judging, analyzing and/or projecting our own subconscious  beliefs and conditionings upon the people who come to us. The way to overcome this is through item #1 above: have a dedicated spiritual practice.

Eventually, spiritual practice will lead us beyond intellectual understanding to Realization. Realization often first occurs as spontaneous moments of experience and “ah-ha’s” where we begin to sense the interconnectedness of everything. With time realization reveals the highest truths and becomes permanent: we are no longer fooled by the illusion of separateness, of ‘you and me’, ‘us and them’. Rather we behold everyone and everything as a manifestation of Divinity. When we have this level of realization, everything and everyone in our ‘field’ is affected by this, again, because of the resonant effect.

However as we approach full Self-Realization, we will see that along the way our realization is not yet fully complete as we have moments of forgetting; moments where our ‘human-ness’ and conditionings are dominant, our behaviors and reactions are not always conscious or as we would like them to be. As long as we are sincere and diligent in our efforts and our intention to ‘know the truth’, our soul’s ‘knowing’ will still radiate forth and provide the healing field – the depth of the soul always knows the truth.

It can help and be a great blessing to have access to a Self Realized master who has attained this level of realization. But this too can be a challenge because just being in the presence of such souls (and the field they have established themselves in) acts as an accelerant and exposes those places within ourselves that need transformation. These ‘places’ can be our own conscious or unconscious resistance to change, including thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes that are not congruent with our souls highest expression. Staying on our path, digesting our experiences as best we can and ‘keep on keeping on’ is how we surmount the challenges.

If we do not have personal access to one who is Self-Realized then teachings in the form of writings produced by enlightened teachers and enlightenment teachings, past and present, can serve to give us inspiration, guidance and direction – we can use our intuition and our discernment to find the information which is most appropriate and useful to us.

Most important of all is no one can walk our path for us. It is up to each one, individually, to make the effort to dedicate themselves to evolving to a higher way of being…knowing too all the time, that there is nothing to be achieved except the apprehension and unveiling of the Divinity that is already here in fullness.

In summary, this is what ‘makes what we do different’. As I wrote in the 5th Brain Sutra: people seeking to embody this presence must be on an ‘intense’ path.

* * *

There is never a conflict with a person or condition, but rather a false concept mentally entertained ‘about’ person, thing or condition. Therefore make the correction within yourself, rather than attempting to change anyone or anything in the without.

– “The Art of Spiritual Healing” by Joel Goldsmith
SILENT and amazed, even when a little boy,
I remember I heard the preacher every Sunday put God in his statements,
As contending against some being or influence.

– A Childs Amaze by Walt Whitman

#6 You are the Entire Ocean

Rather than seeing Reality as it is, the ordinary mind perceives Reality from an illusory perspective. You are not a body producing consciousness, you are consciousness producing a body.

Self Realized individuals see the world as a play of light as if projected on a screen. Good and evil, light and dark, ‘us’ versus ‘them’, are all manifestations of one thing, one Divine Presence, there simply is not anything else because this Presence creates, upholds and imbues ALL that exists.

This is not an intellectual understanding privy only to scientists studying quantum field mechanics. It cannot be sufficiently conveyed or described with words…It cannot be known with the mind or intellect. It can only be experienced: a real experience relative to the Superconscious state: the souls awareness when it is unencumbered. This may seem beyond our understanding. However, this perception is a potential every individual has within them – each one of us is an expression of the Divine Source (Divine Consciousness). This Consciousness IS the life force: it is more evident in animate creatures but is fully present as what appears inanimate as well.

The mind, in its ordinary state, sees separation where there is wholeness. We are part of a connected, living, flowing universe. Everyone has a unique role to play in the unfolding of life.

Eventually every soul, without exception, is destined to awaken to full Self Realization.

There are many who simply do not grasp, know about, or believe the possibility. There are many who do not know that Self Realization, and what it reveals, even exists. Throughout the millennia, enlightenment teaching traditions have given us tools and told us it is possible to transform one’s own consciousness so that the accurate and true perception is unveiled. This is the purpose of a spiritual path. We can engage in a process of spiritual practice with faith that our efforts will bring about transformation.

Neuroscience is now confirming the brain changes that occur with spiritual practice.

Know that the same life that IS you, that is your breath, that senses the world within and without, enables you to move, think, feel, and know that you are ‘you’…is the same life, the same silent Divine Presence, that is everyone and everything. 

When we consciously acknowledge this, our being is transformed; we open a new level of possibilities and profound perception. This is healing at the deepest level – this is Truth consciousness.

#5 The Nature of Ones Spiritual Practice

“The spiritual path is very easy for one who gives first preference to it, who gives it supremacy over all other things. A differentiation of mild, middle and intense natures also exists.” – Patanjali Yoga Sutra’s 21, 22

Are you mild, in the middle, or of the intense nature’ on your Path?

Mild: One who is curious but not really committed to self-evolution. There is a tendency to have a lot of doubts and judgments. This type will go from teacher to teacher, seminar to seminar, searching but always maintaining some distance and never quite willing (or simply do not recognize the need) to put in the sincere effort it takes to begin (and engage in) the awakening process.

Middle: One who has found a teaching but still puts it in ‘second place’ to all of one’s priorities in life. This type recognizes the need for a personal program of self-discipline, but is not yet able to embrace this truth as a personal realization. It remains more of an obligation often motivated more from the perspective of ‘what I should be doing’.

Intense: One who fully recognizes the meaning and purpose of life: that we are here to awaken to our Divine nature. Therefore, one arranges one’s life around one’s spiritual path rather than trying to ‘fit time in’ for ones spiritual pursuits. At this level one is a ‘disciple’ – root of the word ‘discipline’.

A disciple is one who engages in a systematic program of action whose conscious intent is to achieve complete awakening and Self-Realization. The spiritual practices and disciplines eventually lead to the awareness that one’s entire life: everything one does: profession, relationships, and community IS the spiritual path.

There are people who have no interest whatsoever in spiritual matters, and this is fine too. Every soul will eventually wake up to the truth of their Being.

No matter where we find ourselves on the path, growth is facilitated and accelerated when we make a commitment to:

1. Practice superconscious meditation every day,

2. Study sources of inspirational higher knowledge,

3. Have fun! Enjoy life! But avoid being exposed to too much sensational, superficial and useless information,

4. Practice being conscious, practical, honest, generous, compassionate and appropriate in everything you do. See yourself, everyone and everything as having its’ source in Divine Being. (This is the most important spiritual practice we can engage in).
If you haven’t yet found a teacher or teaching you feel comfortable with, be patient, open your heart. With faith, know that the right and appropriate information, people and circumstances will unfold in a Divine order – the universe is ‘Intelligence Itself’ and provides all we need according to our ability to accept it – this is ‘being open to the flow of Grace’.  Doors open, often unexpectedly, when we are ready, this is a law of the universe. (More on this theme in later newsletters).

“So what is an intense level of practice?  This could be perceived as a practice that is led by being clearly, and continuously focused on the goals of ‘waking up’, where the student sees all aspects of their life as an opportunity for spiritual growth. The more that practice is incorporated into daily life, permeating all action, the sooner the veil of Maya (ignorance, illusion) diminishes. But here our Western conditioning may tend to push too hard, so caution needs to be exercised when our egos urge us to, “do more, work more, be more!”  This caution reminds us that any practice or lifestyle that pushes on, disregarding balance and harmony will generally lead to lopsided development, and an outlook that is too rigid. By keeping these thoughts in mind, we are less likely to become attached to our practice and much less likely to judge and define ourselves by our progress (or lack thereof), which means we’ll be less likely to be distracted from our true goal. The bottom line is, all practice should be balanced by non-attachment.”               – Rea Indigo – Teacher Training

#4 The Observer is not Separate from the Object being Observed

The mind, when unaware of its true nature, and its origin, perceives, translates, defines and relates to the objects of consciousness incorrectly as the external world.

The mystic understands there is only one universal mind containing all knowledge – complete and whole. We are like travelers experiencing different levels of it as we evolve.

You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while. – Eckhart Tolle

The universe is an extension of ‘being’ and although everything appears to be external to us, in Reality matter, or substance, is simply consciousness in various stages of taking form. Physicists know that matter is just energy, frequencies or vibrations.Yogic science defines matter as consciousness – one thing expressing as…

The seer, seeing, and that which is seen are one.

The Observer is not separate from the object being Observed

The Observer is not separate from the object being Observed

The brain must be functioning optimally in order for perception to be refined to the state where this inner vision can be unveiled. This unveiling process requires the gradual transformation of the brain and nervous system including removal of the incorrect thoughts or misperceptions that are influential. The instinctive nature must be purified and the intellectual mind must be seen for what it is: a tool.

The mind creates the world by the impressions that have been consciously and unconsciously stored. Definitions, interpretations, judgments’, etc., are essentially ‘learned’. One must start with the truth about the world around us, moving towards resisting and transforming our faulty perceptions. This can be cultivated by a meditation practice that ultimately will lead to the awakening of spiritual insight/intuition.

If one sees God, the Absolute, Divine Being flowing through, and as, all things – there is nothing else. This is the real nature of reality, if we do not live in this awareness it is only our misperception that keeps us from seeing this.

Do this: 

A well known spiritual teacher, Joel Goldsmith, gave his students a final task at the conclusion of his last public lecture, Meditation on the Presence, London, June 15 1964. He made his ‘conscious’ transition less than twenty-four hours later.

Paraphrased: Everyday look at (at least) one person…it does not matter who: friend, enemy, stranger…and do not look at the outside, the form, the vehicle, the ‘human’ identity, especially do not listen to your human interpretations if you have them. Look through that persons eyes to the ‘life’ force that is animating them… to the pure Divine being…do this silently, secretly and sacredly…and realize, they and everyone and everything you see is That. Do this, make it a daily practice, a spiritual path, and then you will see what happens…because when you acknowledge this Divine Presence in the world, the world can only reflect that ‘knowing’ back to you.

#3 The Brain is the Organ of the Mind

The brain is the organ of the mind and therefore the health and condition of the brain has effects on the expression of consciousness through the mind. 

If the brain is not performing optimally, then the expression of consciousness will be hindered as clouds hide the sun.

If our goal is to be a clear conduit for our divine nature then there are some practical things we can do to achieve the highest physical and psychological function.

Eat Well: The food and drink we take in has enormous impact on brain chemistry.

Food should be pure and as ‘alive’ as possible. Heavy, dead, over processed food will dull the mind and limit our attempts to concentrate, meditate and quiet the mind. However, becoming too overly concerned with the body and diet can be a distraction.

Move Your Body: Exercise is essential to optimal brain function.

Research identifies exercise as a critical factor in keeping the brain healthy and holding off Alzheimer’s Disease. There is evidence that exercising in short intervals throughout the day is much more beneficial than going to the gym an hour a day.

Observe your thoughts.

Psychological/emotional trauma during crucial developmental periods affect the pathways in the brain. Negative ramifications throughout ones life, resulting from developmental trauma, often conceal the causal event or events that produced the conditioning. This is often why we react to negative circumstances, or people, in habitual patterns. However, before we can clear out these negative patterns and conditionings, we must first stop unconsciously reinforcing negatives patterns. This requires us to sharpen our ability to observe ourselves and to be vigilant in regard to triggers and to the impressions we allow into our minds.

Be Aware of Your Environment: Create a sacred space in your life.

Neuroscience researchers recently discovered that our environment has a continual modifying effect on our brains. In other words the messages we receive from media, friends, family, and authority shape our brain pathways. We can counter this by only allowing information from conscious andenlightened sources. We can consciously nourish our minds with positive impressions. Natural environments, as well as classical music, art and great literature produced by enlightened minds has a nourishing effect upon the soul. When the body and mind are tired or stressed it is wise to avoid some of the contemporary mass media influences as we are more likely to have our guard down in these states.

A practical thing we can do is to create a space and, if possible, a room that we can devote to daily meditation and inspirational reading. Devotional items in the room such as pictures of saints, teachers, flowers and candles, can create an uplifting environment. The space should only be used only for purposes of meditation, prayer and contemplation. In this way the brain will find a respite from stress and the space will become a retreat, conducive in itself as uplifting and restorative to our soul.