#3 The Brain is the Organ of the Mind

The brain is the organ of the mind and therefore the health and condition of the brain has effects on the expression of consciousness through the mind. 

If the brain is not performing optimally, then the expression of consciousness will be hindered as clouds hide the sun.

If our goal is to be a clear conduit for our divine nature then there are some practical things we can do to achieve the highest physical and psychological function.

Eat Well: The food and drink we take in has enormous impact on brain chemistry.

Food should be pure and as ‘alive’ as possible. Heavy, dead, over processed food will dull the mind and limit our attempts to concentrate, meditate and quiet the mind. However, becoming too overly concerned with the body and diet can be a distraction.

Move Your Body: Exercise is essential to optimal brain function.

Research identifies exercise as a critical factor in keeping the brain healthy and holding off Alzheimer’s Disease. There is evidence that exercising in short intervals throughout the day is much more beneficial than going to the gym an hour a day.

Observe your thoughts.

Psychological/emotional trauma during crucial developmental periods affect the pathways in the brain. Negative ramifications throughout ones life, resulting from developmental trauma, often conceal the causal event or events that produced the conditioning. This is often why we react to negative circumstances, or people, in habitual patterns. However, before we can clear out these negative patterns and conditionings, we must first stop unconsciously reinforcing negatives patterns. This requires us to sharpen our ability to observe ourselves and to be vigilant in regard to triggers and to the impressions we allow into our minds.

Be Aware of Your Environment: Create a sacred space in your life.

Neuroscience researchers recently discovered that our environment has a continual modifying effect on our brains. In other words the messages we receive from media, friends, family, and authority shape our brain pathways. We can counter this by only allowing information from conscious andenlightened sources. We can consciously nourish our minds with positive impressions. Natural environments, as well as classical music, art and great literature produced by enlightened minds has a nourishing effect upon the soul. When the body and mind are tired or stressed it is wise to avoid some of the contemporary mass media influences as we are more likely to have our guard down in these states.

A practical thing we can do is to create a space and, if possible, a room that we can devote to daily meditation and inspirational reading. Devotional items in the room such as pictures of saints, teachers, flowers and candles, can create an uplifting environment. The space should only be used only for purposes of meditation, prayer and contemplation. In this way the brain will find a respite from stress and the space will become a retreat, conducive in itself as uplifting and restorative to our soul.

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