#4 The Observer is not Separate from the Object being Observed

The mind, when unaware of its true nature, and its origin, perceives, translates, defines and relates to the objects of consciousness incorrectly as the external world.

The mystic understands there is only one universal mind containing all knowledge – complete and whole. We are like travelers experiencing different levels of it as we evolve.

You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while. – Eckhart Tolle

The universe is an extension of ‘being’ and although everything appears to be external to us, in Reality matter, or substance, is simply consciousness in various stages of taking form. Physicists know that matter is just energy, frequencies or vibrations.Yogic science defines matter as consciousness – one thing expressing as…

The seer, seeing, and that which is seen are one.

The Observer is not separate from the object being Observed

The Observer is not separate from the object being Observed

The brain must be functioning optimally in order for perception to be refined to the state where this inner vision can be unveiled. This unveiling process requires the gradual transformation of the brain and nervous system including removal of the incorrect thoughts or misperceptions that are influential. The instinctive nature must be purified and the intellectual mind must be seen for what it is: a tool.

The mind creates the world by the impressions that have been consciously and unconsciously stored. Definitions, interpretations, judgments’, etc., are essentially ‘learned’. One must start with the truth about the world around us, moving towards resisting and transforming our faulty perceptions. This can be cultivated by a meditation practice that ultimately will lead to the awakening of spiritual insight/intuition.

If one sees God, the Absolute, Divine Being flowing through, and as, all things – there is nothing else. This is the real nature of reality, if we do not live in this awareness it is only our misperception that keeps us from seeing this.

Do this: 

A well known spiritual teacher, Joel Goldsmith, gave his students a final task at the conclusion of his last public lecture, Meditation on the Presence, London, June 15 1964. He made his ‘conscious’ transition less than twenty-four hours later.

Paraphrased: Everyday look at (at least) one person…it does not matter who: friend, enemy, stranger…and do not look at the outside, the form, the vehicle, the ‘human’ identity, especially do not listen to your human interpretations if you have them. Look through that persons eyes to the ‘life’ force that is animating them… to the pure Divine being…do this silently, secretly and sacredly…and realize, they and everyone and everything you see is That. Do this, make it a daily practice, a spiritual path, and then you will see what happens…because when you acknowledge this Divine Presence in the world, the world can only reflect that ‘knowing’ back to you.

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