#6 You are the Entire Ocean

Rather than seeing Reality as it is, the ordinary mind perceives Reality from an illusory perspective. You are not a body producing consciousness, you are consciousness producing a body.

Self Realized individuals see the world as a play of light as if projected on a screen. Good and evil, light and dark, ‘us’ versus ‘them’, are all manifestations of one thing, one Divine Presence, there simply is not anything else because this Presence creates, upholds and imbues ALL that exists.

This is not an intellectual understanding privy only to scientists studying quantum field mechanics. It cannot be sufficiently conveyed or described with words…It cannot be known with the mind or intellect. It can only be experienced: a real experience relative to the Superconscious state: the souls awareness when it is unencumbered. This may seem beyond our understanding. However, this perception is a potential every individual has within them – each one of us is an expression of the Divine Source (Divine Consciousness). This Consciousness IS the life force: it is more evident in animate creatures but is fully present as what appears inanimate as well.

The mind, in its ordinary state, sees separation where there is wholeness. We are part of a connected, living, flowing universe. Everyone has a unique role to play in the unfolding of life.

Eventually every soul, without exception, is destined to awaken to full Self Realization.

There are many who simply do not grasp, know about, or believe the possibility. There are many who do not know that Self Realization, and what it reveals, even exists. Throughout the millennia, enlightenment teaching traditions have given us tools and told us it is possible to transform one’s own consciousness so that the accurate and true perception is unveiled. This is the purpose of a spiritual path. We can engage in a process of spiritual practice with faith that our efforts will bring about transformation.

Neuroscience is now confirming the brain changes that occur with spiritual practice.

Know that the same life that IS you, that is your breath, that senses the world within and without, enables you to move, think, feel, and know that you are ‘you’…is the same life, the same silent Divine Presence, that is everyone and everything. 

When we consciously acknowledge this, our being is transformed; we open a new level of possibilities and profound perception. This is healing at the deepest level – this is Truth consciousness.

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