#8. The Big Picture: A Perspective on the Evolution of Ourselves and Humanity.

According to Vedic literature, humanity goes through cycles of ascent and descent rather than a linear progression from less evolved to more evolved. This explains why there are so many mysteries from the past, remnants of ancient civilizations whose advanced knowledge and remains still cannot be satisfactorily explained by “modern” science. Stellar calculations with roots from perhaps 10,000 years ago show that our Milky Way galaxy revolves in an elliptical orbit around a grand central source. And just as the earth revolves around our sun and receives its life-giving radiations, so does our galaxy revolve around, and receive life-giving radiations from, the central source. The closer we are to the source, the more influential the emanations.

The orbit of our Milky Way galaxy takes 24,000 years around this source: 12,000 in an ascending cycle (moving toward the source) and 12,000 descending (moving away from the source). When our galaxy is in close proximity to the source in the elliptical path, the collective consciousness of humanity is receiving the highest degree of Divine light. This time period is known as a golden age (Satya Yuga) in which peace, cooperation, and the spiritual qualities are predominant, affecting all levels of society, daily life, and existence. When we are the farthest from this point, the collective consciousness of humanity is considered to be in a dark age era with the inertia, chaos, discord, and primitive, instinctual attributes inherent to this period as the driving force. The peak of the last golden age was approximately 11,502 BC, the time of the great pyramids, Atlantis, and perhaps other forgotten but highly advanced great civilizations. The trough of the dark age was approximately 12,000 years later: 498 AD.


Along the ascending path, because of the gradual approach, the emanations from this grand source contribute to phases of greater and greater unfolding of knowledge moving from the dark age (Kali Yuga) to electrical/technological knowledge (Dwarpara Yuga)—to advances in mental powers and their application (Treta Yuga)—and finally to spiritual qualities at their peak during the truth age (Satya Yuga). In the descending cycle the collective consciousness of humanity again passes back through these phases in a deteriorating passage and finally enters the dark age before the galactic orbit again returns to the ascending path.

Currently our galaxy is ascending in Dwarpara Yuga (the electrical/technological age), moving away from the last dark era, Kali Yuga (702 BC to 1698 AD). The transition to Dwarpara Yuga occurred 1698 AD and history indeed corroborates a shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. There was a rapid influx of knowledge including inventions and discovery of the telescope, microscope, photography, X-ray, and other developments of the Renaissance period.

Although humanity as a whole is influenced by these dark periods, there are many enlightened individuals who come forth at all times and especially during these dark eras to connect with the Divine consciousness and remind humanity of its ultimate spiritual purpose. Christ, Krishna, Buddha and many other great lights all came forth during descending or dark eras to infuse humanity with the Divine will. The influence of space and time upon such individuals does not cloud their light. Indeed, if we so choose, as aspiring spiritual seekers our path is to overcome the inertia as well and awaken to our individual Divinity regardless of where we are in the cosmic cycle.

We have now moved three hundred years into this next phase, which brings forth knowledge that gives electrical and technological advancement. Also present now are allusions and glimpses of the next “mental” age, in which knowledge of the mind will bring us to profound advancements—as difficult for us to comprehend from our current view as space travel would have been for humanity five hundred years ago.

The next spiritual age where all of the planet and humanity will be imbued with Divine knowledge is 7698 AD. As we progress even at this early stage in 2015, more and more individuals are seeking spiritual answers to life’s question. There is a struggle as we move forward, but the breaking free from the inertia of the dark era is visible all around us and is indeed inevitable.

As this electrical/technological age advances, we can observe that collectively, humanity is struggling to shift core values. If we measure humanity’s progress by material gain, technological advancement and intellectual knowledge as reflected in how much we can gain, control, manipulate, dominate, and master the outer world, we miss the truth, the core principle, the purpose of what we are doing here. Technology is a great boon to mankind. But it can be used for negative, self-serving purposes.

We can wisely use technology to eradicate many of the world’s challenges if our core principles are awakened and cultivated.

Therefore, what is most important is how much we each develop spiritually in our inner world regardless of what is happening around us. We can seek to replace competition, aggression, and division with the core principles of kindness, compassion, responsibility, and forward thinking. This is exclusively an inner process we individually cultivate. Our bodies contain primitive, instinctive traits programmed within our DNA from millions of years of evolution. These traits were for primitive survival and territorial protection, and they lead to aggression, unrest, tribalism, perverted religion, violence, and war. It is fruitless to try to change these traits in ourselves and others by shame, pressure, coercion, force, control, punishment, or other oppressive, manipulative, or aggressive means—these only produce the opposite force, resistance.

Focusing on our own personal spiritual growth is the key to cultivating a resonant response in the collective consciousness of humanity and will do more for the spiritual evolution of humanity than anything else. Therefore rather than looking at some group, faction, or culture “out there” and fault them, one can effect real growth and change the way Gandhi advised: “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”

How do we do this?

Engage in spiritual disciplines.

Practice superconscious meditation.

In everything we do, cultivate the virtues.

We do not all need to be “world change activists” by pushing and struggling with humanity’s inertia. This can of course be useful to draw attention to obvious sources that foster ignorance and stagnate the spiritual growth of humanity.

But by far, what will produce the most profound change in the collective consciousness of humanity is when we change ourselves—when we remove all that veils and clouds the radiance of our Soul—and when we awaken to our Divine purpose for being here.

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