#12. Truth

Note: The words divine being, supreme being, consciousness, truth, God, absolute, source, ultimate reality, essence or core of our being, all refer to the same thing and are used interchangeably throughout these sutras. 

You never have and never will be separate from Supreme Being, indeed it is not possible. This oneness is not earned, achieved, or deserved nor is it privy only to spiritual or religious people. Whether we are conscious of this or not, it is the truth.  Everyone and everything is divine being. This is what existence is – the manifestation of divine consciousness. The nature of divine consciousness is existence-consciousness-bliss. Consciousness is self-aware of existence and this is experienced as bliss. Simple, profound, present and silent – the ‘I AM.’ Everywhere present, the only power, and all-knowing (omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient). Therefore, there is nothing other than that – it is the essence of individual consciousness. There is not a universe of matter AND a Supreme Being – the universe IS the Supreme Being. All feelings of separation, fear, doubt, anxiety, worry and belief in ‘evil’ is disqualified when the absolute truth is unveiled. Spiritual paths simply help the individual to see what is already here. We are already fully divine. The invisible essence that is at the core of you reading this is the same invisible essence that is at the core of me writing this. Our ego and personalities may tell us otherwise…but nevertheless, the truth is what it is and ultimately every soul will realize this. Our task is to correct our minds incorrect translation of ourselves and the world around us in order to allow the divine reality to be comprehended. When this happens, it is as if awakening from a dream. We cannot know the supreme with our mind as if it were a concept. A concept is objective to us – external to us. We can only experience it or be it in reality.

The question naturally arises, if there is the ultimate ever-present divinity within everyone and everything, then why is there the suffering we see in the world and the heinous acts committed human-against-human, against other living things and even against the planet itself? What divine being would allow this?

First we have to correct any false definitions of what divine being is. Many of us were taught that God is a human-like (anthropomorphic) being sitting up in heaven somewhere at a distance, making judgments and dolling out punishment or grace and blessings depending on what we deserve. God cannot be defined as if external to us, and therefore cannot be known with the mind. The mind and its contents must be quieted in order to get behind it: to experience the divine source. Since this truth is somewhat incomprehensible to the mind we have invented various definitions throughout history. Some of us have rejected a belief in divine being altogether which, when divinity is realized is amusing because, ‘what is rejecting what?’  There are many-many human notions, names, attributes and concepts projected by us on this very simple, in essence, presence we call God, Supreme Being. It is what it is regardless of the names we give it. Questioning or being angry at God for allowing suffering is like being angry at the sun for shining equally on the weeds in our garden and letting them grow too!

The life force of you and me and everything: literally the vitality you feel coursing through your nervous system animating you, that enables you to live, to breathe, and to know you are you, this consciousness you see behind everyone’s eyes, animals included, and if you are sensitive, in all things, is the divine being manifesting. Impartial, impersonal, equally present in all but not fully conscious in all – at least not in terms of our definition of ‘conscious.’ From the mineral kingdom, to primitive organisms, to the vegetable kingdom, to the animal kingdom, to human (and beyond) are all different levels of the manifestation of one supreme divine intelligence. However, the human nervous system, and its subtle components, is unique on this planet in that it is the medium that allows us to comprehend the divine reality within when we have the correct information and guidance.
God plays all the roles. What appears as suffering, struggle, strife and evil is just due to degrees of ignorance: relative degrees of the clouding of divinity – sometimes called ‘unknowing.’ As our ‘knowing the truth’ becomes more and more established, steady and unshaken we are transformed by the unfolding of the reality that is always here. Intellectual understanding becomes experiential and our perception of ourselves and the world is transformed.

The Truth

I salute the supreme teacher, the Truth, whose nature is bliss,
who is the giver of the highest happiness, who is pure wisdom,
who is beyond all qualities and infinite like the sky, who is
beyond words, who is one and eternal, pure and still, who is
beyond all change and phenomena and who is the silent witness
to all our thoughts and emotions—I salute the Truth, the supreme teacher.
– Ancient Vedic Hymn

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